Is An Extended Warranty Even Worth it?

That depends on your current situation, and past experiences. 

Once the manufacturers warranty on your car expires, getting an extended warranty can help cover some, but not all of the costs associated to normal wear and tear of your vehicle. You might not use it right away because of the manufacturers warranty, but it can end up saving you a ton for costly repairs. However even though it can be a great investment at the time what happens when you never use that extended coverage?

The company that you paid for your extended warranty might have added thousands of dollars on top of your auto loan financing, and when you end up not using it you feel like you just got duped out of thousands of dollars, but that’s not the case. This is where we come in!

If you ended up using or not using your extended warranty, those companies invest the money you spent on the coverage, but what they never tell you is how those additional unspent dollars should come back to you as the consumer. What we do is work with those companies to comb over every detail in your warranty agreement to maximize your refund. We are so confident in our methods that’s why you will never pay us upfront.

We don’t get paid unless we get you a refund!
If you would like to get started give us a call at 866-667-9908.

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