Should You Get An Extended Warranty For Your Car

According to an article on the Consumer Reports website almost 55% of consumers who purchase extended coverage never use it. And if you are reading this article or another online then you can feel like you just got hustled out of a lot of money. Maybe you already cancelled your warranty after reading one of these articles too, but it doesn’t need to stop there. Hundreds if not thousands of dollars from these warranties are just left on the table, unclaimed for these companies to take advantage of. That money should be going back to the consumers. That’s how we’ve developed our three step plan to get you any amount of money back from these warranties even if you’ve cancelled coverage, bought a new vehicle, or used to own a vehicle with coverage. If it was at least within the last ten years, we’ll find it, work with the companies, and get you a refund.

There is no up front cost associated with hiring us, and only when we do find your refund will we only take a 30% cut. We don’t get paid unless you do.

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